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Value Statements

Value statements reflect the Schell Brothers' core values and state how the company will value its stakeholders and community.

The simple basics our mother taught us:

Respect others. Treat everyone as you wish to be treated.

Work hard. Push yourself all the way, where ever that may take you.

Share. Simply put, the Schell Brothers believe in sharing. They commit to working cooperatively with all stakeholders, including colleagues, competitors, landlords, tenants, owners, and investors....and even with each other.

Other values we learned along the way:

Refreshing creativity. The Schell Brothers refuse to follow the standard, routine marketing techniques that the industry follows. The company will refine proven, effective processes and introduce fresh, creative, meaningful techniques to solve client's needs.

Innovation. The Schell Brothers prioritize innovative practices that identify new opportunities.

Inspiration. The Schell Brothers embrace a constant openness to new opportunities by allowing life experiences to fuel inspiration. Inspiration will come from stakeholders including tenants, landlords, competitors, lenders, developers, suppliers, consultants, and investors. Inspiration also transpires from friends, family, mentors, the environment, and anything that creates an emotional reaction whether positive or negative. The company cherishes all sources of inspiration.

Eliminate fear of rejection. The Schell Brothers refuse to allow the fear of rejection to hinder creativity, innovation, and inspiration. The company embraces courage to refine existing processes and attempt new techniques.

Integrity. The Schell Brothers prioritize trust and honesty in every aspect of every transaction.

Relationships. Relationships are the product of integrity and trust. The Schell Brothers will identify each endearing relationship as a measure of success.

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